Getting Your Farm Ready For Winter

At the end of the summer season, you need to start getting your farm ready for the winter months. Unless you live somewhere that is warm in the winter, you won’t be able to grow anything. Plow the old vegetable roots and vines so that you can start with a fresh piece of land in the spring. You can fertilize the ground so that it is healthy for a new batch of crops. If you want to protect the land from frost, then place

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How To Choose Homestead Property In New York

Living in the city has many downsides. People often have to pay high prices for rent and groceries. They also have to fear rising crime rates. To escape these detriments, people can choose to buy a homestead. Many people associate homesteads with pioneers and the frontier. However, rural areas throughout New York have homestead farms available for sale to interested buyers. Before choosing a homestead, however, people are advised to take certain matters into consideration.

Buyers may

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How To Plan The Layout Of Your Property

The layout of your property is important. For those who live on a farm, this may be even more true than it is for those living in the city. On the farm, it is important to get things right so you can have maximum production from your farm animals. After all, many farmers are literally living off the land.

Organizing the animals in such a way that they are safe from one another but able to socialize with their own species is important. It is also a good idea

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Which Varieties Of Apple Trees Thrive In New York?

New York is a state that is a major producer of apples. The weather and the soil in the area is typically ideal for growing apples. The biggest issues that New York has in growing apples are the insects, disease, and fungal pests. Because of the different insects and pests, along with the disease that these things can bring, there are different apples that thrive well in New York.

Some of these apples include Redfree, Liberty, Jonafree, Goldrush, Pristine, and Enterprise. These different types of

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Electric Fencing Or Barbed Wire–Which Fence Is Best?

Protecting your precious property should be a major priority. When it comes to fencing your farm or outdoor property, be sure to carefully select the right option for your individual situation. The most common types of fences are electric and barbed wire. When it comes to cost, electric wires are obviously much more expensive to install and maintain than barbed wire. However, if your farm land has a relatively small perimeter that needs to be fenced then the electric fence choice is very reasonable.

Electric fences come with certain hazards and risks even

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Choosing The Best Breed Of Chickens For Your Farm

One of the first things most people want from a farm is fresh eggs from their very own chickens.

Besides having a safe chicken house and a place for the chickens to get out, you’ll need to decide what kind of chicken is best for what you want from them.

Answering a few questions should make it easier to decide.

Do you want a hen that will hatch chicks in the spring? Do you tend to make pets of your animals? Generally, larger breeds are friendlier, lay fewer eggs

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